Incidental Finding Of Pseudo Aneurysm Of Superficial Femoral Artery And Severe Life-Threatening Bleeding From it During Revision Surgery For Failed Implant: A Case Report

  • K K Varma
  • H.S. Bisoniya
  • Shashank Agarwal
  • Sandeep Sharma
Keywords: Pseudoaneurysms, synovectomy, arthroscopic procedures


Arterial pseudoaneurysm formation is a rare entity following elective and trauma orthopaedic surgery. Pseudoaneurysms have been reported to occur following total knee arthroplasty, synovectomy and arthroscopic procedures. Here we report a case in which we encountered heavy bleeding while reoperating a case of the broken plate from the operated # shaft femur. On exploration, it was found that there was a pseudoaneurysm in the femoral artery size of rent 3mm, which probably was formed in his first surgery, which incidentally gave way and bled profusely.


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