Austin moore vs bipolar prosthesis in management of intracapsular fracture of neck of femur by hemiarthroplasty

  • Dr. Anil Kumar Nathi Assistant Professor, Department of Orthopaedics, Great Eastern Medical School and Hospital, Ragolu, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Dr. Sista Baladitya Sarma Senior Resident, Department of Orthopaedics, Andhra Medical College, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India
Keywords: Austin Moore, Bipolar Prosthesis, Fracture neck of femur, Hemiarthroplasty, Prosthesis


Introduction: Fracture neck of femur is one of the widely occurring hip fractures among elderly people in India. They greatly affect the quality of life in patients, and 30% mortality is observed in these fractures. This study was carried out to study the profile of fracture neck of femur presenting to a tertiary care teaching hospital. The study also assessed functional outcome differences between Austin Moore and bipolar hip prosthesis used in hemiarthroplasty.

Methods: The present prospective study includes 50 cases of intracapsular fracture neck of femur in elderly patients above the age of 55 years irrespective of sex treated by hemiarthroplasty using unipolar (Austin Moore’s) or bipolar(nonmodular) endoprosthesis followed up for 6 months. After surgery, all the cases were followed up. The functional results after hemiarthroplasty were analyzed using Harris Hip Score (HHS).

Results: The mean age was 63.14±5.66 in AMP, and it was 63.29±4 in bipolar prosthesis. The other baseline parameters were comparable between the groups. The mean Harris hip score was 83.19±10.94 in AMP, and it was 84.62±9.53 in bipolar prosthesis. The difference was statistically not significant (P value 0.654). A higher percentage of patients, about 43% were found to have good functional outcome with bipolar prosthesis than those with Austin Moore prosthesis whose percentage having fair outcome was found to be 19%. However, no significant difference was seen between the groups.

Conclusion: Treatment outcomes were similar between the two groups.


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DOI: 10.17511/ijoso.2019.i05.02
Published: 2019-12-31
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